TAG Heuer LINK Lady Calibre 7 Automatic 34.5 mm Full Diamond Bezel & White Mother-of-Pearl Diamond Dial (Ref WAT2314.BA0956)

Written by Debra Stoddard


The new TAG Heuer LINK ladies automatic watch is the epitome of elegance.  Its design attracts women with all budgets.  The watch itself has over three-quarter carats of diamonds, and not just any diamonds, it has top quality diamonds.  They clarity ranges from VVS-VS quality.  There is no guarantee of what the mother of pearl on each dial will look like, but white mother of pearl complements practically every wardrobe and skin tone.  It’s a youthful and timeless touch to add to any timepiece.  The mother of pearl does not distract from being able to read time either.  The diamond markers make it easy to see the time, and you look fabulous while doing it.  The 34.5 mm case diameter is a universal size, which looks great on practically anyone’s wrist.  It is also water resistant up to 100 meters.  Now, you can look amazing and wear a completely functional piece of jewelry at the same time.



  • Beautiful design
  • Over .90 cttw between the diamond dial and diamond bezel
  • VVS-VS quality diamonds
  • Natural mother of pearl dial
  • 34.5 mm diameter is an excellent size
  • Anti-reflective treated sapphire crystal
  • Date window at 6 o’clock
  • Water resistant up to 100 meters (as long as the crown is screwed down and there are no chips or large nicks in the sapphire crystal)
  • Polished screw down crown which ensures water resistance
  • Folding clasp with safety push buttons
  • Rounded edges on the stainless steel bracelet make it very comfortable
  • Automatic movement
  • Great price at $7,400


  • Since mother of pearl is a natural gemstone, each mother of pearl looks different.
  • The watch is an automatic movement.  This means if you do not wear it, it will not keep time unless you put it on a watch winder.
  • Date window is small and hard to read
  • Over time the bracelet gets scratched up, but when you send it in for servicing, it will come back nicely polished.


Things to Avoid:

Do not leave the watch siting for long periods of time without wearing it.  The automatic movement needs to stay lubricated.  Just like a car that sits in the garage for a long time stalls before starting and parts get worn out, your watch is the same.  The movement needs to be oiled by wearing or winding it.  If you don’t, the seals break down over time, and the movement dries out.


-Make sure the watch fits on your wrist properly.  If it doesn’t, then it will not be able to keep accurate time.  Automatic movements are powered by the movement of your wrist.  If you watch circles around on your wrist, then the movement is not getting the power it needs to keep the watch wound.  It will lose time if it is not sized correctly.



The TAG Heuer LINK Ladies automatic watch is a beautiful watch, and it makes for a great every day, functional piece of jewelry.  It has excellent diamonds and a beautiful mother of pearl dial.  The diamond quality alone makes it a great catch at $7,200.  I would recommend this watch to anyone that wants to celebrate life or a special occasion with something that can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt or an elegant dress.


Available at http://www.watchesonnet.com/wat2314-ba0956.html


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