Tag Heuer Analysis: Sporty Men’s and Women’s Watches

In 1860, at the age of twenty, Edouard Heuer established a watch making practicum in St. Imier. In 1887 Today, Tag Heuer watches are known for their sporty look and chronographs. Not only does Tag Heuer produce watches, but glasses and cell phones as well.

1933 marked the time when Heuer launched the “Autavia,” a dashboard device used for cars and aviation. It’s counterpart, the “Hervue” was a clock that could run for 8 days without being wound up. Around 1945, Heuer extended its line of chronographs including a chronograph that functioned as a calendar with the day, date, and month on the front.

Heuer began to produce watches for Abercrombie and Fitch in the early 1950s. The dial on these watches would be used to follow the moon’s phases.

Tag Heuer’s aquaracer watch.Tag Heuer’s Carrera Men’s Watch.

John Glenn wore a Heuer stopwatch when he piloted the Mercury Atlas 6 spacecraft, making Heuer the first Swiss watchmaker in space in 1962. This watch is currently on display at the San Diego Air and Space Museum.

One of Tag Heuer’s more popular chronographs is the “Carrera”, a contemporary sports watch inspired by motor racing. This watch has a dark black face and goes from 0 to sixty seconds. The Carrera also has the day of the week and the numbered date on the inside of the face. This particular watch is a part of the Tag Heuer men’s collection.

The “Monaco” is a slightly more modern model, with a square head and a black band. It has a series of notches where the numbers should be to indicate time. The legendary Steve McQueen in the Hollywood racing film, Le Mans, wore this particular watch.

The “Link” combines boldness with style its black face gives the watch a unique look, while still holding true to the quality of Tag Heuer. Not only is this watch charismatic, but also its S-shaped bracelet makes for a unique wear.

Tag Heuer doesn’t just make men’s watches, but women’s watches as well. Some of the more popular collections of women’s watches are the “Aquaracer, the essential sports watch inspired by the aquatic world.” This gorgeous silver timepiece is one that would look beautiful on any woman. The Aquaracer has luminous hands making it thoroughly reliable.

Not unlike the Aquaracer, the “Tag Heuer Formula I” is a casual sports watch. It has diamonds lining the face and larger number for telling time. This all-luxury watch is just to die for.



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