Tag Heuer a Favorite of Mick Jagger

Written by Sarah Peel


When you think of designer watches, you don’t typically don’t think of guys like Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones. However, it turns out the rock  legend is a fan of Tag Heuer watches. For years now we have seen  him wearing iconic watches from the brand, as a sort of photographic record of his Heuer history. The rocker has been collecting the designer watches since the 70’s at least, and has worn several different styles throughout the years. Here we will take a closer look at past watches that he’s worn.
The two most well-documented favorites are the Autavia Collection and the Carrera Collection. Both classic watches have their own unique style, making it easy for Tag Heuer collectors to identify Mick’s picks. While we haven’t seen more recent photos documenting his watches, we can talk about the two classics mentioned. Around the early 70’s he was seen wearing the Carrera Collection often. The well known watch is spotted by its blue face and orange & white hands. He has been seen wearing a few different models, as well as multiple different models of the Autavia Collection.
As for what models he wears now, it remains unclear- the rocker leads a pretty private life compared to his well photographed 70s’ days. However, Tag Heuer watches can certainly enjoy being such a steadfast and high-profile favorite with such famous faces of the past cementing them throughout history. No word on if they will ask him to be a spokesperson or not, but we think they’d see much success with such a campaign!

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