Swatch New Chrono Plastic Watches a Bright Splash for Summer

You can’t get much more modern than Swatch New Chrono Plastic Watches. With more colors available than a grade schooler’s crayon box and a mod look that is perfectly on-trend, the Chrono Plastic watches are the perfect combination of playful joy and functionality.
Not for the faint of heart (or in some cases, eyesight), these bright watches are a splash of color in the often drab world of watches. Ranging from a screaming hot pink to fire engine red to a blinding white, these watches can be loud or staid.

Whether you’re looking for a bright new accessory or neutral tool, the variety of colors and indices allow the timepieces to be a funky blend of colors such as dark blue and green or as demure as a white on white timepiece. You’ll find color combinations in the Swatch collection that you won’t find in any other watch of its quality, but all the color combos retain a youthful energy.
Though the colors can be primary, their functions are anything but. With date and chronometric functions as well as an optional tachymeter, this watch is as functional as it is fun. All the indices are luminous, making the watch visible under a variety of circumstances.
Fashioned from a blend of plastic and silicone, these watches are more resilient than you might guess. Even better, with a 42 mm cases and unique blend of materials make these watches are incredible light and comfortable.

The great thing about the new Chrono Plastic Swatch watches is that there is such a variety, not only in the color, but in the possibility of function. Whether you want something fun and bright for summer, a more standard colored tool, or just a timepiece that you don’t have to worry about surviving fun activities, Swatch delivers.
The Swatch New Chrono Plastic watches are a fun addition to any summer wardrobe and—better yet—are a great tool for any summer activities. The bright pink and orange versions may make the watches look like the goofy kid sibling to Swiss watches, but Swatch timepieces are anything but a joke when it comes to quality.
These watches are a perfect summer fling if you’re looking for something that keeps time with the hours and the trends. Bright, eye-catching, and water resistant up to 30 m/100 ft while still remaining comfortable, these timepieces take all the best qualities of Swiss watches without the price tag.

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