Summer watches for 2012

Summer’s practically here, which means you’ll need a great timepiece to keep track of time before it flies by. With so many wonderful watches out there, there are so many choices to choose from. Luckily there are a few trends this season that have the potential to last a lifetime in a timepiece. By combining bright designs with a touch of sporty elegance, these watches will keep all of your summer plans on track—and keep you looking great, as well!

For the Ladies:

Bold, bright colors are a huge hit this season. There’s no reason why your watch should be humdrum when the sun and the style of today are so bright! For a fun watch that will last all year long, take a look at the Michelle Deco Day Gold Diamond watch (MWW06P000124). With a bright watchband that sparkles both in and out of the sun and a set of diamonds sweeping around the bezel, this watch will add extra shine to all your activities.

Or, if you like a little less sparkle and a bit more style, try the Tahitian Jelly Bean (MWW12F000050). The chronograph watch is big, bold and bright—perfect for those outings where a more durable watch that’s easy to read will come in handy. The comfy rubber strap is sporty, but the sunray silver dial is undeniably luxurious. The watch comes in a variety of colors to match your mood, so take your pick!

For the men:

Sporty looks are in, and just in time for the summer. The nice thing about these watches is that the timepiece is not only great to look at, but great to wear. Tissot watches may have nailed this end of the market down. Not only are they the official timekeepers and/or affiliated with numerous sports, ranging from racing to swimming, even to fencing, Tissot watches are embracing the new trend—and improving on it.

If you’re planning a diving trip this summer, why not go for the Tissot Sea Touch watch (T026.420.17.281.03) which features bright pops of color and features a waterproof seal of 330 feet, or 100 meters. The timepiece includes a thermometer, alarm, compass, and even a miniature divers’ logbook. If you’re loving the bright colors of this season, you can go all out and grab the orange version of the watch. If you’re a bit more reserve, there’s a silver lining with a steel casing.

Whatever the case (or bezel), your best bet on finding a great watch for the summer is finding what watch suits your lifestyle best. Are you bright and breezy? Tough as nails? A diamond in the not-so-rough? With today’s collections, you’re sure to find the perfect timepiece for you! You can view all the latest summer watches here at

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