Stührling Releases Limited Edition Ceramic Tourbillon

Swiss watchmaker Stührling Original introduced their first Ceramic Tourbillon watch earlier this year. Produced in limited quantities, the special edition Mechanical Tourbillons are selling out fast.

On Jan. 5, 2012, famous watch crafters Stührling Original of Switzerland announced their first ever Ceramic Tourbillon issue on their Twitter feed. Exclusive retailer released the Stührling watches for sale at $754.55, less than half its retail value of $1,560. The watches were produced in limited quantities: 80 in white ceramic and 320 in black ceramic. The white editions sold out the same day as their release, although limited quantities of the black ceramic edition are still available. The Limited Edition Mechanical Tourbillon Ceramic features:

Stührling Mechanical Tourbillon Ceramic watches in black and white
Stührling introduces its new Mechanical Tourbillon Ceramic watch in black and white.

•    Solid ceramic case and bracelet in black (320 issued) or white (80 issued, now SOLD OUT)
•    Scratch resistant Sapphire crystal
•    Dark grey genuine carbon fiber dial
•    Large Arabic numerals at 3, 9 and 12
•    Intricate signature tourbillon cage visible at 6
•    ST 93301 Mechanical Tourbillon movement
•    Push Button Dual Deployant clasp
•    Water resistant to 50 meters
•    Two year limited warranty

Stührling’s first ever Tourbillon Ceramic is a meeting of quality design and engineering. Stührling Original calls ceramic “one of the most fascinating materials used in watchmaking.” Ceramic watches are popular among collectors for their unique finish and durability. A ceramic watch element features a highly smooth and polished feel for the wearer. Ceramic can also contribute to the general heft of a watch, giving it a more substantial feel on the owner’s wrist. The high quality ceramic used in watchmaking has a crystalline structure that makes it less shatter resistant than steel. However, ceramic is much more durable and is the superior material at resisting scratches, a 7 on Mohs mineral hardness scale to steel’s 4.

The tourbillon movement (from the French word for “whirlwind”) contributes to the accuracy of fine mechanical watches and is an essential part of any luxury collection. Stührling’s signature mechanical watch movements are individuality calibrated for accuracy and functionality. Their Swiss engineers use this painstaking process to insure the highest quality and reliability of timekeeping. The tourbillon itself acts as a balancing element to counter the effects of gravity on the watch’s delicate mechanics. Stührling’s special ceramic edition features an attractive tourbillon cage to reveal the intricate mechanism.

By uniting the unique properties of ceramic with precise Tourbillon movement, Stührling has created a one-of-a-kind timepiece worthy of any fine watch collection. Collectors often value ceramic as a material for watch cases and bracelets because, unlike gold-plated steel, a ceramic watch is uniform in substance throughout. If the case or bracelet is somehow chipped or damaged, the color revealed underneath will be identical to the surface. “It is a brilliant and ancient technology that is constantly being perfected,” says Stührling. Collectors will need to act fast to secure one of the remaining black Ceramic Tourbillons. Other Stührling ceramic watches include the women’s Purity with Quartz movement.

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