Strawberry Fruits Watch Cools Down Summer

Fruits Watches Scrumptous Strawberry Sorbet

What could be more refreshing than a big scoop of strawberry sorbet?  This sweet and fruity treat is the perfect end to a summer time bar-b-que.  Wouldn’t it be great if you experience that, everyday?  Well, you can, with the Fruits watches Strawberry Sorbet watch, by Fruitz.  This watch embodies all the invigorating elements of the scrumptious treat it’s named after.  Its soft pink dial is delicately hued and laser cut, with white.  Tiny white seedlings are presented as the hour markers, and the arms are styled with a leaf motif.  The Strawberry fruits watch is fitted with a polished steel case and adjustable bracelet.  It looks fun and fashionable, and beyond that it offers some amazing health benefits.  All the fruits watches come with Natural Frequency Technology built right in.  Through a proprietary technique, a disk within the watch emits a frequency, which matches that of the natural Earth.  Wearers of the Fruits watches report that they slept better, had more clear decision making abilities, and were less stressed.   Pretty appearance and peaceful feelings…now that’s a perfect pair.  And fruits watches are quite affordable.   The Strawberry Sorbet fruits watch retails for just $260.00, and if you order through you’ll receive prompt service and free shipping.

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