Sleepless Nights Or Just Mentally Frazzled? Purchase a Refreshing Philip Stein Fruitz Watch


Experiencing sleepless nights or just mentally frazzled? Purchase a refreshing Philip Stein Fruitz watch and you’ll increase your chances of a good night’s sleep and/or feel yourself do a mental 180. That’s right Philip Stein designs watches that help you sleep and/or lift you out of a mental illness state.

Believe it or not an actual clinical sleep study was conducted and findings were published in Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy Journal (2001; V5 N5, 27-9 Breus and Rubik). The random study, performed by Michael J. Breus, PhD, found that participant that wore Philip Stein watches that had Natural Frequency Technology experienced improved sleep; and there are numbers that support these findings.

What exactly is this Natural Frequency Technology? How does it help those suffering with sleepless nights or mental illness?

Philip Stein integrates the use of key frequencies which are beneficial to life and health, which they embed upon a metal disk and place inside their watches – their proprietary Natural Frequency Technology. This key frequency is the same frequency that is tied to earth’s harmony and grounding of life. The same harmony we experience when in relaxed and unstressed states.

Our bodies produce its own natural bio-field which is often bombarded by electromagnetic fields (EMFs) factors. Examples of such factors that emit EMFs are computers, electric razors, alarm clocks, kitchen appliances, hair dryers and of course cell phones. The impact on our bodies after long term exposure to EMFs can result in illnesses like anxiety, hypertension, and migraine headaches and yes even sleep disturbances.

Philip Stein collection of Fruitz timepieces is exactly what the doctor ordered for both the body and the mind. These vibrant and colorful watches are so delectable you may be tempted to take a bite, but don’t it’s a watch!

A sampling of Philip Stein’s Fruitz includes exciting collections like:

  • Fruitz Classic
  • Fruitz Happy Hour
  • Fruitz Sorbet
  • Peace Love


You really must try at least one of these fabulous Fruitz timepieces…they are indeed colorfully sweet and adorably delish!

The Peace Love collection is especially committed to breaking the stigma associated with mental illness. A group of community artist collaborated on this limited edition of Fruitz watches for Philip Stein. Profits from this collection are donated (10 percent) to help individuals suffering with mental illness acquire needed healthcare and treatment.

This is definitely the kind of Fruitz you’ll want to purchase because it really does restore the body and the mind all while looking fabulously stylish!

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