Sleep with a Philip Stein Watch and Feel Better!

Who thought sleeping with your watch on could make you feel better? So studies show that the Philip Stein watch with natural Frequency Technology does provide a healthier sleep.

Philip Stein luxury watches was founded in 2002 by husband and wife, Will and Rina Stein. Their combined business and watch designer knowledge led to the development and success of the Philip Stein brand. After discovering that natural frequencies had positive health properties, they decided to be the first to introduce a luxury watch that featured frequency-based technology.

So, what is frequency-based technology? Frequency technology was discovered in 1986 by a group of scientists who went on to patent the technology into a “TESLAR chip.” What these chips do is emit a signal that can make the body’s natural defenses stronger through a type of collaboration with its natural electromagnetic energy field. One study by Dr. Anthony Scott-Morley showed that the presence of a “TESLAR chip” allowed the body to obstruct ambient signals within the surrounding environment. Test results of the chip on patients showed positive results in the health field including improvement of sleep and reduction of the effects of stress. Also, the chip showed signs of reducing electronic pollution such as the use of a cell phone.

With this knowledge at hand, the Steins worked to combine a luxury watch that could affect the well-being of a person. Not long after launching their brand, testimonials soon poured in about the positive effects of wearing a Philip Stein watch. What really gave the Steins a major push into the commercial world was an endorsement by Oprah Winfrey who was gifted with a Philip Stein watch by Madonna.

And then came the design! With Rina’s 25 years of watchmaking design, the Steins incorporated distinctive features and beautiful textures to create the Philip Stein watch with Frequency Technology. The now well-known dual time zone dial and the window in the back of the face which shows the Frequency Technology metal disk are a sure sign it’s a Philip Stein watch. If you’ve never had the pleasure of looking upon a Philip Stein watch, be sure to check out their Collections which include:

  • Prestige
  • Signature
  • Classic
  • Active
  • Bracelet

You can choose by dial color, single or double case, diamond or no diamond case or dial, and interchangeable straps.

We should thank the Steins. What other watch company has taken such steps to promote well-being and health? Who doesn’t want to be more resistant to stress and sleep better? There’s never been a better reason to wear a Philip Stein watch.

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