Shine with Michele’s Evening Shimmer Strap Collection

Michele watches have long been known to supply women with elegant timepieces that are not only timekeepers but are fashion accessories. They consider their design philosophy to be a synthesis of eternal elegance and modern fashion which appeals to fashionistas and watch lovers of all ages.
Michele Shimmer Straps
One of the distinctive features of Michele luxury watches is that their timepieces are interchangeable. The versatility of Michele watches makes them perfect to wear for any occasion as you can easily go from casual to formal in matter of minutes.

Imagine all of the fashionable possibilities with easily interchangeable watch straps! You can go on a vacation with just your Michele watch and a few extra watch straps and you’re fashionably prepared for any occasion, anytime! You will no longer have to worry about toting along extra bracelets or watches on trips. Michele’s stainless steel luxury watches are easily passable as a gorgeous watch and a luxurious bracelet.

Having their finger on the pulse of all things luxurious and stylish, Michele watches recently introduced a line of Evening Shimmer Straps to their collection of gorgeous watches and accessories. The Evening Shimmer Straps Collection combines straps made with bright jewel-toned colors featuring contemporary designs, shimmer and leather.

The metallic straps come in a range of sizes from 12 millimeters to 20 millimeters and will correspond with any of the watches in the existing Michele collections. As versatile as Michele watches and accessories are, this particular collection will likely appeal most to those who favor a more casual look with its beautiful metallic colors and understated glamour. You can expect to see stunning jewel-toned colors paired with stylish textured leather which Michele describes as interchangeable glamour for utmost versatility.

Any of the watch straps from the Evening Shimmer Collection would perfectly match ready-to-wear pieces, upscale casual wear and even office attire. Again, these watch straps match any of Michele’s existing timepieces of the same size. This option gives you the freedom to pair your watch strap and dial however you see fit and allows you to customize your look.

The Michele Evening Shimmer Straps Collection combines the ultimate in fashion and quality craftsmanship with versatility and convenience. There are very few other luxury watch brands that enable wearers to showcase their personal style while still exuding timeless elegance, convenience and dependability. Consider one of some of Michele’s Evening Shimmer Straps to add to your personal collection of watches and accessories!

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