Seiko Four Limited Edition Golgo 13 Watches

The name Seiko surely rings a bell with most people but what exactly is a Golgo 13 and what does it have to do with a watch?! Golgo 13 is the name of Japanese cultural icon and central character in a renowned manga series by Takao Saito and Seiko has created four limited edition timepieces inspired by and in honor of the professional assassin featured in the comic series. Golgo 13 is the longest running manga series in publication to this day and boasts legions of fans worldwide therefore it’s no surprise that Seiko would want to dedicate four limited issue watches fit for an assassin.

Seiko is offering Golgo 13 fans three watches named Land, Air and Sea which will only have 500 pieces for sale as well as 400 pieces of the fourth watch model which some are saying is simply referred to as the Seiko Limited Edition Golgo 13 EPD. Unfortunately, these timepieces will only be available in Japan.

Seiko refers to the Land watch as a simple mechanical watch equipped with a compass. The design is sleek, simple and perfect for those braving the elements of the outdoors. The watch is encased in materials which protect the inner workings of the watch from shock as well as the outer body from the ravages of the land and sea with water proofing to 20 ATM. One of the unique features of the Land watch is the dial which is decorated with a rifle motif which makes for increased visibility.
The Air model which on Seiko’s Japanese site is also referred to as Sky, is termed as an authentic pilot watch with a circular slide rule for measuring aviation. The timepiece is water proof to 10 ATM and with a polyurethane band. Equipped with a solar chronograph quartz movement, stop-watch, alarm and revolving bezel with slide rule making this watch ideal for in-flight calculations and unit conversions.

Seiko’s Sea model features a high-torque quartz movement and is water proof to 300 meters making this timepiece the perfect diving watch. Similar in appearance to the Land model, Sea is made to be water and air tight to the world’s highest levels ensuring visibility and precision even if the depths of the sea.

The last of the four new models which appears to simply be called the Seiko Limited Edition Golgo 13 EPD is most likely the most interesting and attractive. The watch features an e-ink display which displays the images of Golgo 13 on the screen which makes for a striking and attention-grabbing watch. With a solar powered quartz movement and exciting details, this timepiece is the ultimate accessory for the Golgo 13 manga fan.Seiko Four Limited Edition Golgo 13 Watches.

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