Romaine Jerome Delorean DNA Watch Promises a Nostalgic Time Journey

Romaine Jerome takes a nostalgic time journey back into the 80s to revive the spirit of the Delorean DNA watch.
Romain Jerome Delorean DNA watch front view
DeLorean DNA is a collaborative timepiece project that RJ- Romaine Jerome and DeLorean Motor Company created inspired by the iconic 1980s DeLorean sports car, which was forever immortalized in “Back to the Future” science fiction adventure comedy film that starred Michael J. Fox.

Whether Romaine Jerome and the DeLorean Motor Company team actually leaped back in time is certainly questionable, the physical characteristic donned by the DeLorean DNA watch definitely evokes some dead-on design elements of the vehicle that may very well inspirationally transport some former DeLorean owners behind the wheel of the car.

The DeLorean DNA timepiece presents in a 48 mm stainless steel case with a vertically brushed stainless steel dial. The dial features an engraved cross-strut traverse bearing an “X” shaped design synonymous of Romaine Jerome brand signature. The hands of the watch are skeleton which are reminiscent of the DeLorean dashboard. It has three chronograph sub-dials all of which exhibits elements of the vehicles as well. The minute counter located at 3 o’clock has the vehicle’s wheel rim pattern with the small seconds sub-dial at the 9 o’clock position featuring both the red color and physical features of the vehicle’s tail lights.

DeLorean DNA has Romaine Jerome’s in-house Swiss Made RJ-001CH 23 jewel automatic mechanical movement revving under its timepiece hood with a 42 hour power reserve and chronograph function. The case-back reveals an engraved DeLorean DMC-12 car with open gull wing doors indicating its limited edition number. It is also adorned with upholstery black leather with an anthracite grey stitched strap.

Romaine Jerome’s DeLorean DNA watch is for those collectors and car enthusiasts waxing nostalgic for a memorable DeLorean behind the wheel experience embodied in a mobile timepiece. The DeLorean DNA watch is a limited edition timepiece of only 81 pieces. Therefore this collection will not be available for long. Collectors will undoubtedly want to grab this watch quickly, as it is highly advisable to leap on purchasing it before it vanishes. Otherwise you may actually have to go back in time using a DeLorean vehicle to acquire Romaine Jerome’s DeLorean DNA watch.

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