Romain Jerome Shines with the Moon Invader 40

Romain Jerome symbolizes our achievements with the remarkable Moon Invader 40 watch. Mechanical precision and an inspirational reminder of past moon landings deliver a striking timepiece that calls out for a chance to be appreciated.

The Moon Invader 40 is part of the Romain Jerome Moon Invader Collection which uses authentic lunar elements such as moon dust, fragments of the Apollo XI and fibers from an International Space Station spacesuit. The rounded case is actually made from a union of steel and spare parts from Apollo XI. The four screws and four ball and socket joints that surround the case are reminiscent of the feet of the lunar landing pod. The traditional X pattern on the dial is a lattice array. This design was inspired by the woven metal strands on the tires of the lunar roving vehicles. The beveled case size is 46 millimeters and shows as a pleasantly rounded cushion shape.

The case-back features a grainy moonscape-textured small disk in Moon Silver representing, of course, the moon. Moon Silver is a combination of precious metal with certified and authenticated moon dust. The Moon Silver obtains a unique finish upon contact by the owner. With all these special features and materials, the Moon Invader 40 watch is sure to summon memories and the glory of the lunar mission.

The aesthetics of the dial are unique and create a grid work pattern which is new to the watch industry. The hands and inner bezel rings are coated with superluminova which shows as an exciting blue at night.

The ball and socket joints that represent a lunar landing module are mounted on axles that are moored to the case and hold the lugs of the wrist strap. This allows the strap to adjust to any wrist size. The Moon Invader 40 arrives with four color options: Heavy Metal Auto, Black Metal Auto, TI Auto or Prune.

Romain Jerome was founded in 2004 and has become known for their unique concept of bringing the “DNA of famous legends” into the watch industry. Each of their timepieces pays tribute to an event or special moment of history during the last century such as steel from the Titanic and ash from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

The Romain Jerome Moon Invader 40 watch is a fascinating concept that has been captured and brought to life on the wrist. A chance to claim a piece of history may be enough to tempt watch aficionados but the exceptional design and characteristics of the Moon Invader 40 will provide a definite lure.

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