Romain Jerome Moon Dust Watch Lands Among the Stars

Now that NASA is out of orbit for good, space travel for the average citizen seems light years away. For space enthusiasts who need a piece of hope, Romain Jerome provides a glimpse into the final frontier.
After Romain Jerome’s titanic success with its first set of DNA watches, the brand has decided to explore an even more adventurous undertaking: the Romain Jerome Moon Dust Watch.

Romain Jerome watches always take a unique twist on convention, not only incorporating ancient materials but a design that plays off the historic events. With the Romain Jerome Moon Dust Watch, the watch brand continues its exploration of history while breaking new barriers in the world of watch making.
The Moon Dust watch features real moondust and features four different color variations ranging from a dusty orange to white, sparkling steel, or black. The designs play off the historic events of the lunar landing and its dial design include craters and moondust.
The hands are formed to look like the antennae on Sputnik and the tiny chronograph looks like a gizmo on the spacecraft. The mechanical, self-winding hands add a nice touch without going overboard. Even the bezel hints a portal into the spaceship, or perhaps an astronaut’s helmet.
Moondust isn’t the only element from the missions: the cases are made from the Apollo XI space shuttle and space suits used during the international space shuttle mission. All the variations have a glow to them and capture the reverence of the legendary space exploration.
The watch plays up the best elements of the space explorations without becoming campy. The watch captures the reality of the missions through its materials, but doesn’t overplay its hand. Collectors will even receive a certificate to ensure that the materials are actually particles from the moon.
Space and watch enthusiasts alike will love this watch. Whether you love staring at the stars or at the clock, this watch delivers all the proud accomplishments of space travel with the authenticity of actual moon particles and materials from the spacecraft.
The limited series will feature just 1,969 units (you’ll notice that it’s no coincidence as 1969 was the year that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong launched into space) so if you want to own a bit of the moon, you’ll have to act fast to capture one of the Romain Jerome Moon Dust Watches before it goes out of orbit.

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