Raymond Weil Celebrated its Official Timing Partnership with the SSE Hydro in Glasgow

Raymond Weil celebrated its new title as the Official Timing Partner for the newly built SSE Hydro in Glasgow with a sold out concert featuring famous rocker Rod Stewart.

To welcome visitors to the new music purpose built venue Raymond Weil strategically placed maestro clocks throughout the SSE Hydro arena, and at exactly five seconds prior to Rod Stewarts appearance on stage, a unique countdown clock appeared around the bowl of the arena to welcome Stewart’s well awaited performance.

Rod Stewart performs at SSE Hydro in Glasgow

The partnership between Raymond Weil and SEC Ltd. is well timed for both organizations – timing being an essential part of performance. Oliver Bernheim, CEO and President of Raymond Weil, expressed his excitement about the partnership with The SSE Hydro and drew parallels between the art of music and watchmaking, as both he pointed out, are derived from inspiration and precision. Mr. Bernheim also commented that it is Raymond Weil’s second music arena partnership, which includes its involvement with the famous Royal Albert Hall in London. Raymond Weil’s title as the Official Timing Partner of the SSE Hyrdo arena allows the organization to promote its global music marketing strategy furthering its brand universal outreach.

Raymond Weil - SSE Hydro Glasgow

The SSE Hydro, at the SECC, is a 64 acre site that has been transformed into to exhibition, conference and entertainments complex. It is the latest landmark on Glasgow’s skyline standing at an amazing 45m high with architectural structures resembling Greek and Roman amphitheaters. It provides visitors with exceptional sightlines from fixed, tiered and demountable seating systems with the acoustics promising to be of the highest standards. Standards Peter Duthie, Commercial Director of SEC Ltd., is delighted that the Raymond Weil brand will bring to the amazing arena.

Raymond Weil has always made music a central theme of its brand, aptly reflected in collections with names like parsifal, maestro, nabucco and jasmine. Watch collections that incorporate impassioned stories and brilliant melodies synonymous of the Raymond Weil brand.

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