Piaget Altiplano Hard Stone Dials Collection

If you’re tired of wearing a timepiece with a classic mother-of-pearl or plain looking dial, Piaget just might have just the watch for you. Piaget has created a brand new collection of unisex watches bearing brightly colored stone dials that will add a serious splash of color to any look.
Two Piaget Hard Stone Watches, one Turqoise Dial, one Multi-Blue
This new collection of stone dials watches is aptly called the Piaget Altiplano Hard Stone Dials Collection comes in three different sizes and comes equipped with the Caliber 430p or Caliber 690p manual winder. There are six different stone dials with each of the different dials representing different character strengths. The Turquoise stone represents good Luck and protection, Lapis lazuli represents harmony between partners, Malachite represents hope and inner peace, Heart Ruby signifies warm, beauty and wisdom, Jade implies beauty, goodness and preciousness and the Opal represents healing.

Wearers can enjoy choosing their favorite colored stone dial or pick a watch based on the type of strength you would like to attract in their life. Aside from all the character qualities that the timepieces can impart to the wearer, each timepiece comes fashioned with a bezel encrusted with gems with many of the watches featuring diamonds or polished yellow, white or pink gold.

Another unique feature of the Piaget Altiplano Hard Stone Dials Collection which Piaget has long been recognized for is their ultra-thin dials which measure less than 3 millimeters thick. The ultra-thin watch looks especially striking next to the case of the unisex watch which measures 34 millimeters.

Each watch has a mechanical, hand-wound movement, balance stop, hours and minutes functions, approximately 43 hours power reserve and pulsates at 21,600 vibrations per hour. Each Piaget Altiplano Hard Stone watch is numbered, produced individually and sold solely at Piaget boutiques.

While most women will appreciate the colorful stone dials, diamond accents and positive energies that each of the timepieces bring to the wearer, it would seem that these bold and vibrant watches, although unisex, might be a hard sell for males who prefer a more classic look. Unisex watches often seem difficult to design as they must appeal to both the masculine and feminine wiles which can be quite a delicate balance to achieve.
Piaget Hard Stone Watch - Green Dial
If you happen to be looking for a special timepiece that beholds special energies and a unique stone, the Piaget Altiplano Hard Stone Dials is an ideal timepiece to add to your collection or give as a gift to someone who would appreciate the delicate and unique characteristics of this timepiece.

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