Philip Stein’s Valentine’s Day Collection is Irresistable

The holidays are finally over.  For all you lovebirds, however, the Valentine’s Day shopping season is right around the corner.

Luckily, Philip Stein watch company is celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with a very unique collection. The shimmering capstone of this achievement is the Women’s Valentine’s Day watch, an alluring and multi-faceted timepiece.

Its scarlet strap and elegant watch face give it an amorous appeal. Its chic fit around the wrist can complement any wardrobe as the perfect accessory.

Philip Stein’s Valentine’s Day watch represents passion – a very proper manifestation of expressing love for the special woman in your life. Its style tells her that she’s classy and beautiful, and its uniquely embedded Natural Frequency Technology distinguishes it from being just another aesthetically pleasing timepiece.

Philip Stein's Valentine's Day Watch
Philip Stein’s Valentine’s Day Watch.

It’s simple, yet unique. An exceptional watch for an exceptional woman.

The Valentine’s Day timepiece is being sold mainly from Dubai and Abu Dhabi at the relatively low price of $830!

Another very cool item in Philip Stein’s collection is the Sleep Bracelet. The Natural Frequency Technology in this bracelet helps calm your body for better rest at night.

According to Philip Stein, “the wearer’s bio-field is exposed to the most restful and calming frequencies.” In plain English, this item balances your sleep and wake patterns and has been raved about by customers. Wearers report “deeper, longer sleep and more pleasant and vivid dreams.” Sounds like something out of the future!

Philip Stein's Sleep Bracelet
Philip Stein’s Sleep Bracelet.

The Sleep Bracelet is made of steel and leather and comes standard with a 2 year warranty. It is a small 24cm in length and 2cm in width.

Its super soft material and perforated strap allow for a loose feel, and minimize sweating.

The Sleep Bracelet is a hot item, again, at a lower price. It’s being sold in the same collection as the Valentine’s Day watch, mainly out of the United Arab Emirates. It can be purchased, however, through online sites as well. It is roughly $350 – a steal considering all of its perks!

Whether you’re treating yourself or pampering a loved one, Philip Stein’s Valentine’s Day Collection is a great start to a new year!


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