Philip Stein Fruitz watch does more than tell time

Philip Stein Fruitz Watches
Philip Stein Fruitz Watches

Designed with Philip Stein natural frequency technology, the Fruitz collection of popular timepieces not only looks like an assortment of tasty treats, but also have the ability to benefit life and health.

Created in 2007, the Philip Stein Fruitz collection was coined to design colorful, fun-wearing and fashionable watches that could improve one’s lifestyle through the use of natural frequency technology. Within each watch, natural frequencies generated by Earth are embedded on a metal disk. When worn, human energy fields react with these key frequencies, promoting a healthier lifestyle. The timepieces have been known to stimulate better sleeping habits, reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and induce relaxation.

“This is life-changing technology – a natural approach to improved well-being that is backed up by scientific evidence,” said Will Stein, co-founder and president of Philip Stein.

In a study conducted in Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy Journal, men and women who reportedly lacked sufficient sleeping habits for at least three consecutive months were given a device containing the natural frequency technology. 96 percent of the participants responded with positive feedback – nearly half of the subjects reported feeling more refreshed, falling asleep more quickly, sleeping longer and having more pleasing dreams.

KCTV 5 News It’s Your Morning, Kansas City’s CBS affiliate, featured the Fruitz watches in a segment about the health and safety of children. Candy Tai, a parenting expert, suggested that the watches would be great for children, as they help to reduce and control anxiety levels.

“The Fruitz watch is really a cool concept; it’s actually got a natural frequency technology … so it helps calm and reduce stress levels within kids,” said Tai.

Fruitz watches have also been noted as to helping with school-related stress.

“Watches like Philip Stein have low level healing frequencies that will increase you and your child’s resonating frequencies (electrical impulses of the body) which can make you both more resilient to the stress associated with school and life in general,” Blogger Mom Stephanie Elliot said.

Aside from benefiting life and health, Fruitz watches are chic and trendy – designed to represent fruit, frozen desserts and popular drinks. All of the timepieces feature a smooth, silicone strap, stainless steel case and laser-cut sun burst pattern dial. The indexes on the watch symbolize fruit seeds, while the hands depict the leaves of a fruit.

The stylish timepieces are even popular among celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Tyra Banks, Dakota Fanning and Selena Gomez.

As it looks fashionable and holds the ability to strengthen and improve one’s overall lifestyle, people have praised the Philip Stein Fruitz watch collection. Clearly, it must be worth the time.

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  1. My Fruitz watch has stopped where is the best place to take it and does it require a battery? I live in NSW Australia .

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