Panerai Historic Luminor Base 44mm Men’s Watch PAM 00114 Review

Written by: Jessica Plumbley

If you want a simple luxury watch, take a look at the Panerai Historic Luminor Base 44mm Men’s watch PAM 00114. Cheaper than other luxury watches and easier to read, this watch will appeal to those who seek a clear, clean read. Its fashion value, however, remains in question.

One of the ways the PAM 00114 can be made distinguishable is by its crown-protector, which covers the crown completely in an arch of stainless steel. The case and buckle are also stainless steel, though in a fun twist the back of the case has been done in transparent sapphire crystal so that the consumer can see the hand-wound machinery inside. These are Panerai OP X calibre with a swan’s neck regulator, 16.5 lignes, and 17 jewels, all fortified by an Incabloc anti-shock device. All goes to power the black-and-white minute and hour hands on the face—there are no extras with this watch: no date, no second hand. These hands lay on a bright white background, which contrasts nicely with the large, rounded numbers that serve as hour markers. Twelve, three, six, and nine o’clock are especially large, presumably as they are good reference points for the status of the hour. A 3.5mm thick corundum-made sapphire crystal covers it all, complete with anti-reflective coating. Above and below attach the strap (available in leather or alligator) with closes with a Panerai personalized buckle.

One reviewer of the PAM 00114 suggested that it be used as a sort of “starter” luxury watch, since it comes at the comparatively low price of $5,100. This Panerai would work well also for those who don’t want to pay the really big bills of luxury watches that come along with watch repair—with its stainless steel case, 300m water resistance rating, and scratch-resistant glass, the watch is more hardy than most, and wearers will worry less about it.

The problem for me—and for a few other bloggers—is the PAM 00114’s look. If look is not a big deal for you, then please skip this section and go onto to more research for your purchase. But if it does, you might want to consider what appears to be the common opinion online: the crown protector is not only unnecessary, but it’s an eyesore. One reviewer from the Watchlords forum called crown protectors “clutter,” another says flat out that a protector “looks like crap.” I am not as impassioned as others might be, but look is something worth reflecting upon, especially when paying over $5,100 for your Panerai watch. The watch will work great, but will those not familiar with the brand be impressed? The PAM 00114 is plain and easy to read, but so are other, cheaper watches. Add this factor to the crown protector, and the wearer’s taste might be questioned.

The Panerai Historic Luminor Base 44mm Men’s watch is durable, simple, easy to read, and cheaper than other luxury watches. It also isn’t quite as stylish. If you’re not one to care much about style, I would recommend this watch as a tough, clean timepiece. But if you do care, perhaps you should consider your options before settling on the PAM 00114.

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