Omega Watches Are Among The Most Precise Watches Available Today

Omega has been known as a prestigious brand of watches for over 100 years. More recently they have become famous as the watch worn in several James Bond movies. Today they are known as watches that deliver precise time and are worn by many ordinary as well as famous people.

Because they are know as a watch that delivers precise time keeping it is only natural that they are used in sports. In 1932 the summer Olympics in Los Angeles began using Omega for all timed events. Omega Watches recently launched 6 new models in the Olympic Timepiece Collection and is patterned after the 1932 pocket models.

Again precision is an important element of Omega watches. This is made possible by a design know as Co-Axial escapement. Co-axial escapement is a type of watch escapement mechanism invented by English watchmaker George Daniels. This is considered by many to be one of the most significant horological advancements since the invention of the lever escapement. Horology is the study of the science and art of timekeeping devices. Clocks, watches, and chronometers are examples of instruments used to measure time.

The co-axial escapement functions with virtually no lubrication thereby eliminating one of the shortcomings of the traditional lever escapement. By utilizing radial friction instead of sliding friction at the impulse surfaces the co-axial escapement significantly reduces friction, which results in greater accuracy and a longer life.

Lubrication-free impulse surfaces; short, equal-radius locking; a larger arc of free vibration; and an equal impulse in both directions of vibration are important advantages. In 1999 Omega introduced the first mass-produced watch incorporating the technology which has translated into a quality watch you can buy at a reasonable price.

Omega watches are worn by both men and women. Men love the sporty image and the sleek appearance. Women appreciate the elegant designs and many choices available form Omega. Everyone comes back to Omega for the reliability which again stems from the development of co-axial escapement.

Omega watches are scratch resistant and offer precise time keeping for many years. Because of their sturdy build they continue to be used by active people who require a watch that can withstand their lifestyle.

To summarize Omega watches offer precision time pieces. They offer great styling, and are reasonably priced. Co-axial escapement has allowed them to produce a watch that continues to be reliable over a long period of time which makes it one of the most precise watches for sports or for other day to day users.