Oris Honors Carlos Coste with Limited Edition Watch

Back with Carlos Coste's logo
Back with Carlos Coste’s logo

As a record-breaking, award-winning free-diver, Carlos Coste’s world of extremes smoothly melds with Swiss luxury watch brand Oris and its purely mechanical timepieces. As an official partner of the brand, Coste’s image has already been glorified with the production and sales of the Carlos Coste Chronography Limited Edition watch, the perfect model to accompany the professional diver. After Coste went on to set a Guiness world record in 2010 for finishing a 150 meter dive without a breathing apparatus, Oris sought to further honor the Venezuelan with the Carlos Coste Limited Edition Cenote Series watch.

Diving 150 meters into the 31 mile long cenote (natural cave network) under Yucatan, Mexico, Coste was only armed with one giant flipper on both feet and a single torch when he set yet another of many world records. In October 2003, Coste had been the first person to ever undergo free immersion (to descend underwater with only a rope) past 100 meters, followed by achievements in Constant Weight and Variable Weight. Not only did the Venezuelan National Sports Institute recognize these accomplishments, but his native country even granted Coste the prestigious Order of José Félix Ribas award by order of the president.

The Carlos Coste Limited Edition Cenote Series model particularly stands out in the Oris Diver’s collection, much like Coste does in his field. The model comes in a multi-piece, high grade titanium case and a helium release valve, with a water resistance of 500 meters and an automatically winding chronograph with the ETA 5570 movement. A triangle at the seven and a half minute mark emphasizes Coste’s record for holding his breath, and an automatic helium valve rests at the 9 o’clock position. Adorned with 25 jewels on the 46 mm diameter black dial, the watch exhibits a power reserve of 42 hours and a sapphire top glass.

A “1-10” mark illuminates the minute dial of the chronograph, and yet another triangle can be seen at the two and a half minute mark to represent Coste’s Guinness record. The luminous material on the indices and watch hands are made of Superluminova, which provides maximum visibility under low light. The case back image of this special model continues to revere Coste’s legacy with his personal logo and displays the limitation number as well. The limited edition piece came in a series of only 2000 models and was sold at the price of $4350.

Carlos Coste wearing an Oris watch
Carlos Coste wearing an Oris watch

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