Omega – Top 5 Reasons to Own One

Now, let’s see, if “James Bond” and George Clooney are wearing an Omega watch, it must mean something significant, right? It means Omega is the brand to wear! There are many reasons to wear an Omega watch, but we are going to narrow it down to the top five. Did you know that Omega has been in the watchmaking business since 1848! Can you imagine? The Omega watch has even been to the moon! It was the first divers’ watch and is the world’s only certified marine chronometer wristwatch. Omega has an amazing history of participation in historical events and has evolved into a famous world-class watch.

Omega Watches
A few beautiful Omega watches

So what type of Omega watch is for you? Omega has a Ladies Collection and a Gents Collection. Each gender has quite a few different “Collections” within it and several different watch types within each “Collection.” The watch selections host a full array of designs. Just a few include the:

  • Brushed Quartz
  • Polished Quartz
  • Chronometer
  • Luxury Edition
  • Moon Watch
  • Olympic Edition
  • De Ville

This list barely touches the surface! Oh, and don’t forget whether you want a leather strap, brushed metal strap, or jeweled wrist bracelet. You must visit the Omega Watches website to view all the beautiful selections! Omega also carries a fine jewelry collection. It includes an amazing selection of rings, several pendants, and numerous cufflinks. Leather products, such as wallets and purses, are also a part of their product line.

But don’t forget about the quality of Omega! Omega watches are known for their precision. They have been used in many, many timed events around the globe. And the introduction of their exclusive Co-Axial calibres in 2007 has delivered better chronometric performance than any other series-produced watch movement in the world.

So, do you think you might find an Omega watch that not only works well but looks great too? The answer should be a definite “yes.” First, you need to figure out what type of look you like – plain, sharp, dressy, diamonds, business-class, or fun? Omega’s technology and design has manufactured a look for every occasion. The Omega brand is so famous their “ambassadors” have included well-known stars such as:

  • Nicole Kidman
  • Cindy Crawford
  • Greg Norman
  • Michael Phelps
  • Michelle Wei
  • Daniel Craig

Omega’s reputation is so respected that they have been responsible for the timekeeping in 24 Olympic Games!

As you may have noticed, there are many reasons to own an Omega watch, but let’s narrow it down some. Here are the top 5 reasons to own an Omega:

  1. Quality
  2. Precision
  3. Design
  4. Beauty
  5. Variety

So, if you are looking for a watch that will stand the test of time, look no further. These top 5 reasons will only get you started down the right path to owning an Omega. You will find that not only will an Omega watch enhance your reputation, you will have a long-lasting, accurate timepiece that will keep on ticking for many, many years to come.

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