Officine Panerai Luminor Base Men’s Watch

Written by:  Leigh Anne Sanders

The Officine Panerai Luminor Base Men’s Watch is a great choice of watch for any man who describes himself as rugged, dependable, and of classic, or old school, style.  Though the appearance of this watch may seem unassuming at first, the fine details of the individual features create an overall style that is exactly what a lot of men are looking for.

There are a lot of old school features to the Officine Panerai Luminor Base Men’s Watch that make it an ideal time keeping accessory for many men.  Starting with the band, which is genuine leather with a cracked surface design.  Small details, like the crackling, lend a slightly aged and sophisticated impression to this watch.  The leather comes in dark brown, which is a highly flattering color to most men.  Brown is strong without being overpowering, allowing this watch to blend in to the rest of your ensemble or serve as an accent, simply depending on what you want it to be.

The watch itself is a manual wind up design, creating a concrete link between the wearer and the watch.  Though that may not seem to make sense at first, the man who wears this watch regularly will quickly discover that his watch will provide him with reliable times as long as he is reliable about winding it.  Furthermore, the act of winding the watch is incredible comforting to a lot of people.  This watch has a power reserve of 56 hours, which offers an ideal balance of consistent winding that isn’t constant.

There are some individuals who look for a watch that’s going to make a real statement.  They want to know that wherever they go, a flick of their wrist will create an attention drawing flash, and approving stares.  Maybe even stares of jealousy.  With this watch, in order for people to appreciate all the value of it, you’ll have to let them know.  Most people may not mind having a watch that blends in with them, but some are looking for something with a little more flash.  Those individuals will have to keep looking.

The Officine Panerai Luminor Base Men’s Watch carries a price tag of about $6200, making it a significant purchase for many people.  However, the style and functionality of the watch are undeniable.  In a role that epitomizes all things rugged and indestructible, Sylvester Stallone advertises the incredible qualities of this watch by wearing it throughout each scene.  This watch is a great buy!

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