New Romain Jerome Watches Features Pac-Man

Being a child of the 80’s, Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and the four infamous ghosts, Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde were a big part of my life. Many people including Romain Jerome’s CEO Manuel Emch spent many hours guiding the yellow character around a maze while trying to eat pellets and defeat the four ghosts that seemed to follow him everywhere. As one would expect, this game became a huge 80’s pop icon and will forever be engrained in the minds of many people. The folks at Romain Jerome who always seem to come up with some of the most innovative designs like the Titanic DNA which featured pieces from the actual ship in the making of the watch, created a series of watches that gives a nod to this classic 80’s childhood relic.

The Romain Jerome Pac-Man watch takes the bright and cheery character and blends it in nicely with the brand’s archetypal classy design. The collection features four different variations of the watch all of which captures the thrill of the chase and Pac-Man’s timeless look on the dials. As whimsical as this watch is, Romain Jerome did not fail to deliver luxury along with nostalgia as the timepieces all include pieces fused with parts from Apollo 11 making it part of their Moon Invader Collection. Take a look at the case back where you will see a disc made of low-oxidized silver aptly called Moon SilverRJ, which is fused with moon rocks and easily mimics the surface of the moon on your wrist.

The dials on the 46 millimeter case were manufactured with a pixelated medium with two of the lower level dials being beadblasted whereas the top level of the dial shows sleek, straight lines. All of the characters found on the dial including the famous power-up fruits were made with great attention to detail and hand-crafted boasting numerous colored varnishes or black superluminova.

With only 20 pieces each of each variation available priced around $17,900 USD, it would be expected that watch collectors, fans of Pac-Man as well as fans of space aviation will be clamoring to all get their hands on a luxury timepiece featuring such classic and imaginative bits and pieces. This will be the first time that Pac-Man is prominently featured on such a high-end piece making it perfect for those who are followers of the game and wanted to wear a commemoration of the arcade game without sacrificing style and function.

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