Ladies: Find your Own Movado Guy!

If you’re into fashion and spend as much time looking at fine jewelry as I do, then you probably have some well-formed opinions about brands, designers, and the people who wear them.

I consider myself a luxury watch aficionado, so let’s say I pay pretty close attention to the kind of watch a man wears.  A watch can tell you more about a guy than his cologne, his shoes, and his hairstyle combined.

I’ve met my share of TAG and Rolex wearers over the years: Not surprisingly, they’re usually athletic (meaning they golf, play tennis or own a boat), subtly sophisticated and successful in business, but we’re not a good match.   This is because they usually have an ego to match their pricey watch and golf bag.

Movado guys have always been more my type, perhaps because I appreciate the aesthetic appeal of Movado watches, and their corporate focus on the arts, rather than sports.  In my experience, Movado guys are well dressed style-setters, more culturally aware, sensitive and creative.  They tend to enjoy a night out looking at art galleries more than a night at the ball game, and they remain a mystery to most of the women they meet, rarely revealing their innermost thoughts.  Women will claim that they don’t like these “mystery” guys, but let’s face it – they have a certain allure.

Sound like your kind of guy?  Then you may want to start looking for a man who appreciates Movado watches.  This is really quite simple if you give it some thought.  Just visit your local Movado boutique and hang out at the counter, or better yet, get a job there.  Stop at some gallery openings, visit a modern art exhibit, or peruse the Art History or Philosophy section of your local bookstore.  Better yet, just start wearing a Movado women’s watch – and he will come to you!

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