Movado – Top 5 reasons you want to own one

Movado means “always in motion.” Has a nice ring to it, yes? Many of you Movado owners know style, craftsmanship, and quality when you see it. And it should be obvious as the Movado watch has been around since 1881 when Achilles Ditesheim, a 19-year old entrepreneur, opened his small Switzerland workshop. Its unique “Polyplan” was introduced in 1912. This was a revolutionary watch as it was constructed on three planes to fit a case that was curved to follow the natural contours of the wrist. Remarkable! The classic wrist watch was born.

Movado Watches
A few gorgeous Movado watches

Movado’s history is rich in innovation and design. In 1925, they created the Movado Pocket Watch. In 1926, they launched a unique pillow-shaped watch that automatically wound when the case was slid open. The year 1930 led to the Movado Digital Watch which displayed both hours and minutes. And then in 1946, Movado debuted the self-winding Calendomatic wrist watch featuring the month and day. Movado watches began their signature “iconic dot dial” in 1947 with their world renowned Movado Museum Watch. And since then, the Movado design has just kept expanding. The many beautiful “Collections” of today have a wide array of dazzling designs. To name just a few:

  • Amorosa
  • Bold
  • Luno Sport
  • Movado Master
  • Red Label
  • Sapphire
  • Series 800
  • Serio
  • Vizio
  • Bracer
  • Chronicle
  • Sport Classic

With bangles, polished bracelets, chronographs, leather straps and brushed metal chain links, the list goes on and on. There is definitely a watch for everyone!

If you’re looking for confirmation that Movado is top-notch in technology and design, then check out some of the popular magazines such as Marie Claire, Self, Bloomberg Businessweek, InStyle, and GQ. Their stylish designs have celebrities such as Jaden Smith, John Stamos and Blair Underwood showing off their own Movado watches. Movado also has Ambassadors the likes of Derek Jeter, Amanda Seyfried and Wynton Marsalis.

Like color in your watches? Be sure to browse through the “Museum Color Dials” which was introduced in 2007 with a sophisticated new color palette. Also in 2010, the Movado BOLD was launched. It is energized by color with bright accents and high-intensity hues.

So, as you can see, there are many reasons you would want to own a Movado watch. Let’s look at the top 5 reasons:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Beauty
  3. Stylish
  4. Classic
  5. Wide selection

Movado is a modern classic watch. It is a watch steeped in history and yet able to expand to meet the expectations of today’s world. Movado has style, class, beauty, craftsmanship, and integrity. If you’re looking for a watch that you can trust and admire, there is a Movado waiting out there just for you!


6 thoughts on “Movado – Top 5 reasons you want to own one”

  1. I can easily tell you the top 5 reasons i would love to own one. Movado means a top quality product that withstands time in mechanism. Movado means a beautiful design that one can enjoy wearing. Movado means a company that stands behind its product. Movado means that i can wear it anywhere and be stylish. And lastly for my fifth, my son owns a few Movado watches that i love and i don’t own any. I would love to have my own.

  2. I LOVE my Movado’s they have been the ONLY brand of watch that I have purchased in the past 8 or so years now. They are so simple but doing so with so much style and grace. You can’t ever go wrong with a Movado.

  3. I’ve had the same Movado for 20 years. IT is still working and looks good. No better quality.

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