Movado Mens Sport Luxury Watch – What Makes It So Hot

Most times when people think of movado watches, the first thing that comes to mind is class and style. However, the movado men’s sport watch has been generating a great deal of popularity as well. While it still displays a classy appearance and a high price tag, it provides versatility at the same time. If you are looking for a high-end watch that allows you to do many things with it, the movado men’s sport watch provides exactly that.

The feature that makes the movado men’s sport watches stand out the most is its water resistance capabilities. This sports watch has the ability to be taken 30 meters, or 100 feet, under water while still maintaining full functionality. Many would never consider bringing a high priced watch such as this into the water that deep, but it is built strong for the rugged sports you may perform.

Another feature that is common among many movado men’s watches is its scratch resistant material. The watch is built with a solid sapphire crystal scratch resistance allowing it to look new even after wear and tear.

One of the best features with the movado men’s sport watch is the precise time displayed. With 1/10th of a second, small seconds, and 30-minute registers, you are guaranteed to have the exact time down to the dot. This can be crucial for a number of activities you may participate in with your watch.

As mentioned above, despite its sporty build it still displays a classy look. It has a precise silver quartz movement with sparkling silver tone and hour markers. To add to the tone and hour markers, the dial and three sub-dials are silver colored with an automatic calendar date revealed at the 4 o’clock hour mark.

The retail price for the movado men’s sport watch is at $1,695 and is worth every penny. If you price compare from store to store, the odds of finding it cheaper are pretty good. Some of the better places online to look include and

With the combination of class and versatility, the movado men’s sport watch is every mans dream for a watch. From its water resistance capabilities to the precise timing, this watch is perfect for every activity you can think of. And, unlike most sports watches on the market, it still puts off a sparkling silver tone to top it off. There is no wonder why the movado men’s sport watch is so popular on the market.

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