Movado Means Always in Motion

If Movado means always in motion, then Friday (March 2) earnings announcement certainly reflected that its name is right on the money. Its reported projected earnings per share of 239.3 percent placed it above apparel, accessories and luxury industry moguls Joe’s Jean and Kenneth Cole Productions. Movado is undoubtedly grinning from ear to ear waving its financial flag proudly.

Movado’s revamped watch designs may be an indicator of its sudden financial windfall. Movado has introduced new materials, reintroduced a historical design, and added elegant finishes to their women novelties. These watches are modern and have a hint of art deco skillfully designed in some of the timepieces.

Amorosa exhibits the classic Museum® dial, is available in two-tone or gold-plated stainless steel and is sizeable. The dual bangle design is open and resembles an art deco piece and is available in six styles. It is absolutely beautiful.

Bela is to simply state, slender. It is in the contemporary family of style, with a round traditional Museum® dial, stainless steel bangle bracelet and it is available in three styles. There is even a timepiece with a pink soleil dial – lovely.

Belamoda is a polished open circle link bracelet design. It is distinctive with diamond accents and it too exhibits the round traditional Museum® dial. It has refinement and elegance displayed all over it.

Red Label is Movado’s fine mechanical watch design. It is powered by Swiss automatic movements, with having the iconic Museum® dial with a modified retro date dial from it 1930’s timepiece. It is definitely a masculine watch.

Movado Master boasts Bauhaus-inspired design. It sports an over sized case with grey matte dial. It has a gear-edge bezel. It has a Swiss automatic movement, and there is a chronograph model available. It also has black PVD finished stainless steel case with a black rubber strap. It is engineered strong.

Concerto is certainly Movado’s most luxurious and contemporary women’s timepiece (also available in men’s). It is available in a two-tone stainless steel bracelet, but what makes it truly stunning is the mother of pearl dial surrounded by a diamonds, oh la, la. The ever so beautiful celebrity Kerry Washington is a brand ambassador for this particular timepiece.

These are just a few of the Movado designs have been inspiring its profits.

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