The Elegant Movado Fiero Mens Watch

There are very few watch companies that stick with a signature throughout their existence, but that is exactly what the Movado Fiero series has done.  Staying with the elegant appeal for men, each style within the Fiero series is classy and professional.  With a sleek bracelet and their signature dial, the Movado Fiero is sure to satisfy your needs.

There are four different styles that you can choose from within the Fiero series, each with similarities and differences to give you options.  The first thing you will notice that is the same amongst all four styles is the dial.  Staying with their signature dial, Movado has uniquely crafted the all black dial with no numbers or dashes whatsoever.

Along with the dial, each style has a Swiss quartz movement to view the time off of.  There are two dial hands, a minute and hour hand that run smoothly atop the dial.  To add to the already stylish appearance, each watch within the Movado Fiero series is silver with silver hands.

With so many similarities, it is hard to believe that there are any differences.  However, there are several features that separate the four styles from each other.  You will find that two of the four watches have a round dial, while the other two watches have a rectangular dial.  It really is a personal preference as they both are stylish and unique.

A minute difference between the rectangular dials and the round dials is what is displayed above the hands.  The rectangular dials have a single cabochon marker with Movado below it while the round dials only have a single cabochon marker.

While three of the four watches are shiny silver, there is one watch that is the odd man out.  The 605850 model has a black dial and silver hands like the others, but the bracelet is different from the other three.  It contains a black rubber stripe running down the middle of the bracelet with hard metal on the outsides of the black rubber.

These differences are more so about preference, but do little to the price difference.  What differentiates the four from each other is diamonds.  One of the rectangular dials and one of the round dials contain diamonds all around the dial.  As you can imagine, this increases the price a drastic amount compared to the other two styles.

Although each Movado Fiero has its differences, they all are similar in that they offer a unique elegance that only Movado watches offer.  With the slick black background and the signature single cabochon marker, this series will leave every businessman happy.

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