movado Bold Jackets

Movado vogues down the watch fashion runway with innovative Bold Jackets specially designed for the Movado BOLD 42MM watch.

Movado the watch leader that gave a face to the minimalist watch dial has innovatively re-dressed its Movado BOLD 42MM Watch with, of all things – jackets! That’s right, jackets, and not just any jackets mind you – BOLD Jackets! As if the minimalist look was not enough now there are bold jackets to dress it up with a new fresh look.

Movado designed these fun watch case jackets to add excitement to the already fashionable Movado Bold 42MM watch. Because as Movado so stylishly put it, “Change is good,” and there are a multitude of fashionable jackets to select from and change into.

These eye stunning jackets are made of a super-tough polycarbonate material and lined with a soft purple silicone to ensure a snug and secure fit. Movado Bold Jackets are available in a spectrum of lively colors, prints and there are even some with cool graphic shapes. The Bold Jacket accessories are as follows:

White (Model 3670001)
Black (Model 3670002)
Gold-toned (Model 3670003)
Rose gold-toned (Model 3670004)
Silver-toned (Model 3670005)
Cobalt Blue (Model 3670006)
Fushia (Model 3670007)
Lime Green (Model 3670008)
Cobalt blue/green camouflage (Model 3670009)
Fushia/orange camouflage (Model 3670010)
Brown/black leopard (Model 3670011)
Black/white snow leopard (Model 3670012)
Black/white skulls (Model 3670013)
Cobalt blue/lime skulls (Model 3670014)
Pink/berry hearts (Model 3670015)
White/red hearts (Model 3670016)

So make everyday an exciting fun-filled day not only for your wardrobe and but your watch too! After all, everyone and everything wants to look boldly fabulous darling, and now watch cases are making fashion statements too! Bold fashion statements that is.

Movado Bold Jackets are only $25.00 for each fashionable jacket, so be generous and treat your Movado Bold 42MM watch case to at four tantalizing jackets, because Movado want to dress you and your watch up. And it’s okay to vogue while you’re walking down the runway as you showcase your new Movado Bold Jacket.

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