Mother’s Day gift guide (not flowers again!)

With Mother’s Day around the corner most of you are already in a frenzy trying to brainstorm the prefect gift for mom. While the easy option is flowers and a big hug, we all know they are tired of the flowers and could use something more long lasting and exciting. We think the answer is a beautiful watch, a timeless present that simply states your love and affection without having to say a single word. To make things even easier we compiled some of our top women’s watches that your mom might like. Of course this is just a small sample of the great selection of women’s watches we have that will make your mom that much more fond of you, and we can all use some of that. 😉

1. Raymond Weil Jasmine 5229-ST-00659

2. Michele Tahitian Jelly Bean MWW12F000008
3. Cartier Ballon Bleu Automatic W6920046
4. Michael Kors Goldtone Chronograph MK5223
5. Michele Sport Sail Chronograph MWW01C000064

Make Sure to check out all our collections HERE! To all the moms reading, make sure to send this to your kids 🙂

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