MB&F Introduces Revamped HM3: The HM3 MegaWind


Earlier this year, MB&F debuted the final version of their incredibly popular HM4 horological machine series.  Now, MB&F is revealing an updated version of their HM3 horological machine series.


This new piece is being called the HM3 MegaWind, and it features some interesting changes from the last HM3. A less complicated piece, the HM3 MegaWind consists of 270 components, where the original HM3 contained 304 components.  But what the HM3 lacks in mechanical complication, it makes up for in aesthetics and design.


The original HM3 design featured a large date on the main dial and two cones which showed hours with a day/night indicator and a minute indicator.  In favor of showing off their battle-axe shaped winding rotor, MB&F has done away with the date function on the main dial.  Additionally, the HM3 MegaWind features an hour and minute readout both on the sides and top of it’s two cones.  This double read-out increases the readability for the wearer, while accentuating the structure of the piece.


The HM3 MegaWind is available in both 18-carat white gold and titanium or 18-carat red gold and titanium.  The piece comes complete with a black hand-stitched alligator leather strap.  It is available with a flat black case inspired by Saturn.


The HM3 MegaWind is currently priced at $92,000.  To learn more about the HM3 MegaWind, visit www.mbandf.com.


-Written by Selena DiGiovanni

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