The latest watch from the Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Lune may be called “Retrograde,” but the watch brand is still as forward-thinking as ever, particularly with their new piece. The Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Lune Retrograde Watch is a bold, futuristic design that even classicists will love.

The watch runs on Maurice Lacroix’s first and most beloved movement. With a solid manual-winding ML 152 movement, made completely in-house, the watch features a power reserve of 40 hours. You’ll never have to guess when time will run out as the timepiece also includes a nifty power reserve indicator between 2 and 4 o’clock.
The watch gets its name from the retrograde calendar functions, which automatically flips back to the beginning after 31 days. Though you’ll have to reset it during months shorter than 31 days, it’s another cool feature, displayed in a unique setting.
The design of the Lune Retrograde takes the classic appeal of Arabic numerals, and concentric circles and includes unique angles, often placing elements on a diagonal, to make the watch pop.

The comfortable alligator strap and large, open watch face contain all the age-old style of the top watches, but Maruice Lacroix also took a few risks in his design that paid off beautifully.
For example, the semi-circle indicator for the calendar and power reserve positioned on the top two-thirds of the watch at an angle add a unique difference to the timepiece.
The watches also have a transparent exhibition back, revealing the mechanics of the watch within. While open-backed watches are becoming more popular, you’ll only be able to view the ML 152 movement in a watch by Maurice Lacroix.
The Lune Retrograde is offered in several variations, each distinctive and appealing. Whether you want the futuristic and hard-edged skeletonized versions, the slightly whimsical white, blue and silver design which highlights the unique angles of the timepiece, or the minimalistic option for a more polished look, each design stands on its own.

The variety in these pieces is tremendous; it’s an amazing feat to be able to take the same design, tweak it, and present such a different aesthetic. Each version of the watch is beautifully crafted and has its own appeal to watch wearers.
Keep track of hours, days, style, and even moon phases with the Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Lune Retrograde watch. The industrial polish (there’s two words you never expected to be in the same sentence!) highlights the classical elements of the watch while adding a unique tone to the timepiece.


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