Jay Z Captures a New Beat – Time with Shawn Carter by Hublot

Jay Z has captured the sounds of a new beat – time which has been unveiled in his collaborative Hublot watch design Shawn Carter Classic Fusion (To experience Shawn Carter Classic Fusion’s timely beats click the picture to the left).

Shawn Jay-Z Carter Classic Fusion by Hublot in 18K yellow gold

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter continues to expand his mega-mogul empire which now includes a collaborative watch design with world-renowned watchmaker Hublot. Carter, an avid watch enthusiast, selected the Classico Ultra-Thin watch design from Hublot’s Classic Fusion collection to create his signature-style Shawn Carter Classic Fusion limited-edition watch.

Jay Z performing at launch of Magna Carta Tour in Brooklyn

Shawn Carter Classic Fusion was unveiled last October at Zurich’s Dolder Grand hotel. It made its US debut at Barneys New York – A New York Holiday collection. Shawn Carter Classic Fusion was again celebrated on January 13 at Jay Z’s kick off of his Magna Carta Tour in Brooklyn where Hublot welcomed VIPs in lavish-style announcing the availability of the limited-edition watch in select Hublot boutiques worldwide.

Shawn Carter Classic Fusion - DailShawn Carter Classic Fusion - Caseback

Shawn Carter Classic Fusion features a beautiful 45mm brushed case in black ceramic or 18K yellow gold. The dial showcases an ornate cut-out of Jay-Z’s logo which resembles a Maltese cross.  The ornate cut-out logo reveals its 2.9 millimeter HUB1300 movement nestled below it. The ultra-thin manual winding movement measures only 2.90mm thick, and provides 90 hours of power when fully wound.

Shawn Carter Classic Fusion by Hublot

Shawn Carter Classic Fusion is available globally in two versions:

  • Black ceramic – limited to 250 pieces priced at $17,900, and
  • 18K Yellow Gold – limited to 100 pieces priced at $33,900

Acquiring a limited-edition Shawn Carter Classic Fusion watch may become somewhat of a challenge with a wealth of global fans eager and ready to purchase one of these incredible watches, sales of which earns royalties of 25 percent to benefit the Shawn Carter Foundation (a New York based charity helping students facing socio-economic hardships acquire higher-learning scholarships). However, chances are fans may not have to wait long as Hublot’s charismatic brand ambassador Mr. Carter will undoubtedly rap in timely with a verse from On to the Next One.

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