Invicta Introduces Russian Diver Artist Series Collection

Combine Swiss watchmaker Invicta with famed graffiti artist Erni Vales and what do you get? A very unique, contemporary timepiece that is a brilliant work of art! Invicta has released three limited edition watches that ooze character and an intense sense of exclusiveness.

Invicta, originally founded in 1837 in Switzerland, was re-established in 1991 by descendants of the Invicta family. Building on the founding principle, the company continues to use a hands-on approach to ensure quality and the highest standard in their watches.

In case you have never heard of Ernie Vales, he is a highly regarded graffiti artist who has created many art pieces for clients such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Google, Mountain Dew, and Nikon. His talent has included large-scale murals featured in many Hollywood scenes. Thus Invicta’s partnership with Ernie Vales has produced timepieces that are trendy, innovative and a collector’s dream.

Invicta Russian Diver Artist Series watch
Invicta Russian Diver Artist Series watch – Leather Twin

The three Artist Series Limited Edition timepieces are a part of the Russian Diver Collection and include the:

  • Lace Twin
  • Leather Twin
  • Panda Suit

Each watch comes with a unique “bear” on the face and the artist’s signature on the case back.

The “Lace Twin” Artist Series Limited Edition watch face appears with a red background and features a cuddly bear that is wrapped in a net of lacework. The watch comes in a combination of red and black colors with a high grade polyurethane strap with stainless steel buckle.

The “Leather Twin” Artist Series Limited Edition watch face is also seen with a red background and contains a blue teddy-type bear that is sitting hunched over apparently sleeping. The watch strap is a black and chrome high grade polyurethane.

The “Panda Suit” Artist Series Limited Edition watch face seems to be a version of the teddy-type bear zipped up in a panda suit. He appears sitting on a blue floor with an orange backdrop. A white and chrome/gray high grade polyurethane watch strap completes the timepiece.

Each watch is highly colorful and comes packed in a Special Edition Artist box. Only 777 timepieces were created for each edition.

Invicta has definitely opened a new door with this partnership. Before, a timepiece could be considered a work of art due to its history, quality and superior craftsmanship. Now, “work of art” takes on a new meaning. We have a master Swiss watchmaker paired with a famed graffiti artist. It is a fusion of crafts and a vision few could foresee. The Invicta Russian Diver Artist Series can quite frankly be considered a masterpiece.

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