Invicta Care Foundation donates funds to charitable causes

With the help of the Invicta Watch Group, the non-profit Invicta Care Foundation strives to aid overlooked areas and charitable causes by providing financial support.

The mission of the Invicta Care Foundation is to improve the life of less fortunate, overlooked and otherwise neglected areas by donating funds to pioneering organizations that work to help charitable causes. The Invicta Watch Group fully supports the efforts made by the foundation, enabling Invicta Care to donate 100 percent of all donations and sales to the organizations that aim to help areas in need. The Invicta Watch Group also pays for the foundation’s operational, marketing, production and managerial costs.

The Invicta Care Foundation has financially supported numerous multinational causes in recent years.

When Hurricane Katrina – one of the most deadly and destructive hurricanes in the history of the U.S. – hit the Gulf Coast, the Invicta Care Foundation raised $127,846 to support disaster relief causes. The donation was given to the Red Cross to help those in need after the hurricane wreaked havoc in several areas.

The foundation has also partnered up with Red Wing Shoes and the Nashville-based Soles4Souls, donating tens of thousands of pairs of shoes to those who were in need of them. The footwear was sent overseas to multiple countries.

Emmaus Medical Mission
The Invicta Care Foundation financially supported the Emmaus Medical Mission in helping the poverty stricken community of Mindo, Ecuador.

In 2010, the Invicta Care Foundation donated $15,000 in one day – during Invicta’s Sunday Run – to the Emmaus Medical Mission, an organization that serves to provide medical care and supplies to those people in need of urgent help and attention in the impoverished community of Mindo, Ecuador. The organization provides care to treat conditions and diseases such as malnutrition, diabetes and asthma. Supplies, including toothbrushes and vitamins, are also given to the community to help control personal hygiene and prevent further medical measures.

During the Sunday Run, subscribers to “The Movement” newsletter get the chance – for 24 hours – to purchase a featured luxury watch model from the Invicta collections. Since the Invicta Watch Group fully supports the foundation, 100 percent of sales from that one particular Sunday was donated to the Emmaus Medical Mission.

In another instance, the Invicta Care Foundation was able to raise $30,000 during a one day run event. 100 percent of those proceeds was donated to the Hetrick-Martin Institute, a New York City based non-profit organization that serves to provide social support and programming for at-risk youth. The organization particularly focuses on the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning youth.

The Invicta Care Foundation continually seeks to support charity-based causes.

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  1. Any proof that they in fact did what was claimed? The IRS 990 forms do not seem to support this.

    Invicta has a history of dubious claims such as claiming to have donated $78,000

    Recently the Invicta Care Foundation claimed it had made a very substantial donation to your organization. I worth of watches to soldiers (30 of them) when in fact the watches they donated were being sold on line for $178.00 each which does not come close to the amount claimed by them on a news report.

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