Hublot Oceanographic 4000 King Gold White

Hublot has made brand lifestyle out pushing limits and discovering new territory while keeping ahead of their competitors. Their persistence has paid off with their Hublot Oceanographic 4000 King Gold White Watch.
The watch, which is able to withstand a whopping 4000 m is the result of a collaboration with the world-renowned Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. This is the first time that the museum has allowed its name to be associated with a watchmaker, so Hublot has actually broken through with several firsts with their Oceanographic 4000.

While most brands are content to match up to the standards of the NIHS, Hublot is not so easily satisfied by simply meeting the requirements for a top-of-the-line diving watch. Instead, they have set themselves on a course to shatter the records of diving watches everywhere while still maintaining their sporty, comfortable look.
Their journey was not an easy one; in order to make certain that the watch was up to par, not only did Hublot have to overcome the pressures of the ocean, but to ensure that the new sapphire crystal dial window and heavy pressure seals would not compromise the comfort and wearability of the watch.
Not that a dashing look has ever been an issue with Hublot’s pieces. Though there have been several variations of the watch released in black and blue, the King Gold White version is particularly attractive. The pristine white dial and band proves the perfect backdrop for the King Gold case—an 18 K gold blend developed specially by Hublot for their timepieces.

Hublot’s King Gold blends platinum into the gold, making the metal even more durable while adding a distinctive red color that sets it apart from all other naturally-occurring gold treatments in the world.
Hublot also had to develop innovative solutions to ensure that the Oceanographic 4000 could be admired underwater as well as above. The surface of the watch uses a SuperLuminova treatment to improve the luminosity of the watch so that is visible from 25cm, even in pitch black waters.
At 48mm, it’s a bit chunkier than your average timepiece, but that is only to be expected for a diving watch that is certified up to 4000 m and has been tested in waters up to 5000 m deep.
With all of this accomplishment in durability, it’s amazing the timepiece only took 18 months to develop. The piece is in limited production with only a scant 100 pieces available, making this rare watch even more unique.

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