Hublot and Doettling Create the Morphosis Watch Winder Safe

The watchmaker Hublot and luxury safe manufacturer Doettling have teamed up to create the amazing Hublot Morphosis Watch Winder Safe. This cylindrical safe houses 42 watch winders in an inner steel tube that rotates at the touch of a button.

This spectacular watch winder safe holds two sets of winders that accommodate 21 watches each. The panel turns with a push of the button, rotating 90 degrees to showcase the first set of watch holders. A complete turn of 180 degrees displays the next set of 21 watch winders. Too many watch winders slots? The owner has the option of asking for jewelry drawers instead. Doettling manufactory prides itself on letting its customers decide what is right for them.


Hublot and Doettling have gone beyond the normal mundane world of ordinary safes. Weighing in at approximately 396 pounds, the Morphosis has a stainless steel casing which comes in a matte black finish but can also be covered in lacquered carbon, ray skin, fabric or even a fine fur. And don’t forget to look for the big “H” screws that Hublot incorporated into the safe design as just a small reminder.

Ready for that extra touch of above and beyond? This watch winder safe incorporates a touch panel on the top which doubles as not only the PIN pad but also as an integrated sound system which has an iPad docking station, iPad included. Yes, and not only can you listen to your favorite tunes, you can also control the different watch winder modes of operation, such as sleep mode or the number of watch winder turns per day.

No need to worry about protection, you can connect the system to your home security system for added safety. Access to the safe is operated through the iPad which comes with an application for operating the Morphosis.


Sound like a complete luxurious setup for your watch winder safe? It should as the Morphosis sells at around $206,000, depending on your options. The Doettling manufactory has been in business since 1919 and has established a solid gold reputation around the world with their luxury safe and watch winder sales. Their parent company of Kudoe, Schli & Matz has more than 130 years of experience in engineering and craftsmanship. Aston Martin and Bugatti are just two of their renowned clients.

The Morphosis watch winder safe is truly a wonderful work of craftsmanship. The quality and protection that it provides the owner showcases why Hublot and Doettling partnered this project. Their experience and expertise have allowed the Morphosis to outshine any competition.

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