Harry Winston Opus Collection

The name Harry Winston often conjures up images of Hollywood and red carpet events however, the name represents so much more. Winston began his foray into jewelry as a young child where he had an eye for high quality jewels at the tender age of 8. In later years, his official launch into the world of jewelry materialized when he accrued the massive jewelry collection of socialite Arabella Huntington and redesigned her extravagant yet outdated collection of jewelry to reflect the taste of modern women.

Harry Winston began creating American luxury jewelry in 1932 and has continued to create timeless and exquisite pieces of jewelry that captures the essence of New York and all things glamorous. Winston perfected the art of creating classic and luxurious jewelry and it was only a matter of time before his brand ventured into creating luxury timepieces.

In 1989, the brand took Winston’s vision and expertise in fine jewelry into the world of horology. Combining Winston’s timeless and opulent jewelry making style with high quality timepieces made Harry Winston watches very highly sought after. Surely the man behind the Hope and Portuguese diamonds would create only the finest timepieces that are as lavish as his famous jewels.

The Harry Winston brand designed and created many superior watches however it was not until 2001 when the inception of the Opus Collection came about and caught the attention of luxury watch collectors. The Opus Collection is a very inimitable and unique collection of luxury watches that could only come from the most innovative and imaginative minds.

With no two timepieces alike, the Opus Collection combined radical designs with superior watchmaking to create 12 of the most highly sought after and admired timepieces of all time. Many of the watches in the Opus Collection were created in collaboration with independent watchmakers with a distinct vision. The majority of the pieces in the collection were made in limited quantities making them even more exclusive and extraordinary to the watch collector. The Opus 9 was even awarded the highest honor in horology being named Best Design Watch of the Year from the Grand Prix d’ Horlogerie.

Every year, horologists, collectors and admirers of Harry Winston anxiously await the unveiling of the latest addition to the Opus Collection. With many of these timepieces being auctioned at prices well over six figures, even catching a glimpse of these limited edition timepieces are a treat for the eyes. If you are looking to carry on the legacy of the great Harry Winston while owning a piece of history, any of the pieces in the Opus Collection will perfectly fill the bill. Here is the entire collection in the order they were created, scroll down to see them all and leave a comment with your favorite watch in the collection!

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