Happy Memorial Day from WatchesOnNet

At WatchesOnNet we really appreciate Memorial Day, not just because it means summer is in the air but also as a time to reflect on our great country and the ones who’ve fought to protect it. We love celebrating the holidays by doing huge discounts on some of our best watches :), right now we are offering Victorinox and Luminox watches at really low prices as these watches represent the strength that our soldiers require to keep us safe.

The team here at WatchesOnNet selected some of our favorite watches from the large selection going on sale for Memorial Day. You can check them all out over here.

VICTORINOX Original Quartz Men’s Watch 241514
VICTORINOX Original Quartz Men’s Watch 241517

VICTORINOX Chrono Classic Chronograph Quartz Women’s Watch 241511
VICTORINOX Chrono Classic Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch 241498

LUMINOX Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch 1861
LUMINOX Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch 1883

LUMINOX Quartz Men’s Watch 3152.BO
LUMINOX Quartz Men’s Watch 3083

See all of our promo watches here!

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