Glam Rock Glam Rock: Did they take their name from the Rock style of the 1970s and 80s?

By Emayeneme Gbemiye-Etta

Glam Rock is a relatively new watch company that was established in 2005 in Miami, Florida by Enrico Margaritelli and Isabelle Maujean and prides itself on being a culturally international and global company. The original Miami collection was inspired by the lifestyle and vibration of the Miami life style. All the watches include Swiss watch movement. The watches are handcrafted in France.

The company’s products include:

• Jewelry
• Leather goods
• Sunglasses
• Watches

The Glam Rock Company includes 8 different watch collections in its watch collection.

  • Aqua Rock: Is a part of the first collection and offers watches that feature sterling silver and diamonds and are reminiscent of the 30s and 40s.
  • Miami: Is the first collection of the Glam Rock Company and is inspired by the feel and look of Miami, Florida. The straps and the case covers can easily be changed to reflect the look you want.
glam rock watches
glam rock watches
  • Miami Beach: Offers a sporty, look and includes waterproof silicon straps and metal case covers.
  • Monogram: Are the first watches in the collection specifically designed for women and to look like traditional women watches. Unlike the other collections that are known for their oversized sizes these watches are small and are accentuated with diamonds and semiprecious stones.
  • Palm Beach: As inspired by its namesake provides a more luxurious look to the watches in this collection. The watches in the collection offer a jewel look and include diamonds, patent leather and python or alligator skin straps.
  • Race Track: The watches in this collection are sports like and are made to invoke the feel of sports racing cars. The watches in this collection have a masculine feel and look and include materials like titanium, interchangeable straps and watch covers.
  • Smalto: These watches offer a revival of the old-fashioned enamel method. The watches are very colorful and include silk straps or bracelet type wrist bands.
  • Sobe: The Sobe watches allow the wearer to change the look of the face of the watch with the click technology developed by Glam Rock Company. This means the face can be changed from a daytime metallic look to a diamond look for the evening.
  • Charity Edition: Includes only one watch and is a special watch that is called “All for Japan” and is inspired by the tragedy in Japan in March 2011. All proceeds from the sale of this watch online at Glam Rock go towards Red Cross efforts in Japan.

The Glam Rock Company uses a lot of celebrities as part of their marketing strategy to advertise their watches.

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