Glam Rock Expands Sales to Middle East

Watches by Glam Rock
Watch Designs by Glam Rock

Star studded watch manufacturer Glam Rock became the latest luxury watch maker to hit the shores of United Arab Emirates. The celebrity focused watch maker is beginning to make its mark throughout the world after conquering the market in the Unite States.

Glam Rock burst on to the scene in 2005 with an extravagant array of timepieces for anyone who has a fine palate for watches. These watches, from the newly formed luxury timepiece manufacturer, have become a powerhouse in the industry gaining fame through celebrity endorsements.

Since its inception, Glam Rock has been producing the highest quality watches for those in show business and others with less bankroll. With the expansion to Demas shops in the United Arab Emirates, Glam Rock is becoming an internationally recognized symbol of fashion. The Glam Rock watches are now available in over 30 countries, making them a world wide timepiece. They are transcending their moniker of watch designer and becoming a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.

Now the Glam Rock product has exploded into an international phenomenon. The watches range from a cool $1000 up to $18,000 with just about any price in between. Glam Rock has found their niche among celebrities. Television personality Kim Kardashian came out with her own watch to add to the Glam Rock line. Other celebs such as 50 Cent and Brittany Spears have their own watch through Glam Rock. These watches are available for purchase through the company’s website.

Kim Kardashian with Glam Rock Watch
Kim Kardashian sitting with her personally designed Glam Rock Watch.

Each of the Glam Rock watches has its a unique flare. From elegant Glam Rock collections such as Sobe and Miami to more male oriented collection lines like Monogram and Racetrack, there is a Glam Rock watch for anyone and any occasion. The celebrity watches all have their own different feel and design, each turning out an authentic Glam Rock feel through the dial and strap.

With the Glam Rock website you can mix and match watch dials and straps to create that magnetic timepiece that will always turn heads. This can make any watch Glam Rock offers your own style and unique to your characteristics. Now the luxury watch designer is continuing to expand its product and pursuing more celebrity endorsements as their product grows. The move to the United Arab Emirates is just another step in a global Glam Rock presence.

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