East Meets West – Kari Voutlainen 28 Sarasamon

Written by Evan Gabriel


After studying at Finland’s Tapiola and the International Watchmaking School, the Finish-born Kari Voutilanine knew where his life’s dream would take him: straight to the top of the watchmaking industry. Now, with some help from a partner, Voutlainen has released a timepiece that is sure to rival many of his subsequent creations.

For nearly thirty years, Voutilanine has focused all of his energy on handcrafting exceptional watches. It is no surprise that for the new 28 Sarasamon, Voutlainen teamed up with Unryuan, the famous Japanese lacquer studio to bridge the gap between East and West.


Chic rose gold and lacquer have been applied to give this timepiece its rare-antique feel, which Voutlainen is no stranger to.

By employing Saiei Maki-e and Somata Zaiku techniques, the artists at Unryuan studios were able to put together an exquisite dial.

Now for a little linguistics: the 28 Sarasamon’s dial was designed using gold dust (kinpun), gold lead (jyunkin-itakane), the shell of great green turban (Yakou-gai) and abalone shell from New Zealand (Awabi-gai).

While the plate is made up from German silver, the wheels offer a sharp contrast in rose gold. The 28 Sarasamon contains an astounding 21 jewels that demand the attention of spectators.

The case measures 37.00 mm in diameter by 10.80 mm in height.

The dial is very simple, with twelve, three and nine o’clock clearly displayed, while the notorious Voutilainen emblem takes the place of six o’clock.

Aesthetically, what’s most impressive about Kari Voutlainen’s newest piece is the intricate color-scheme of the dial. The variation of rose gold, green, purple and blue play off each other like the feathers of a peacock.

The interior and exterior curve vibrate at 18,000 vph.


Interestingly, on the bottom side of this watch, you can view the direct impulse escapement, which features two escapement wheels.

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