Earth Day News: WeWood Plants Two Trees with the Purchase of a WeWood Watch

Today is Earth Day and what better way to celebrate the planet than with the purchase of a WeWood  watch and a commitment from WeWood to plant two trees with each a purchase today.

WeWood Pic2

WeWood is an ecologically conscientious watch manufacturer that designs fashionable watches made of 100 percent natural wood. That’s right wood. The watch cases and bracelets are made of natural wood fashioned in styles that are as diverse as is the selection of woods (and differing colors) used to make them.

 Juipter-Brown-Front_large  Sculptor Beige

The selection of woods used to make WeWoods watch designs include African Blackwood (Black), Verawood (Army), Indian Rosewood (Chocolate), Maple (beige), Tasmanian Blackwood (brown), Reclaimed Teak Wood (Teak) and Walnut Wood (Nut). Some of the woods are even used in pharmaceutical preparations of herbal teas and others contain oils that help the immune system, assist with skin inflammations and even allows one to relax. Finally a watch that serves as both a timekeeper and medicinal healing agent – a multipurposed watch. Go green then go get a WeWood watch.

Cygnus Beige

Moon Deneb -Black model

WeWood has 30 watches designs and each one is distinctly unique in character as are the watches given names such as Aludra, Cyngnus, Jupiter, Moon Deneb, Odyssey and Sculptor to name a few. The watches are presented in recycled paper packaging and all collections are available only today with 20 percent off and a commitment from WeWood to plant two trees with each purchase on Earth Day 2014.

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