Dig In To Fruitz Watches Blackberry Sorbet

Fall For Fruitz Watches Blackberry Sorbet

How about some blackberry sorbet to cool you off this summer?  Well, Fruitz Watches has this yummy flavor, and many more to choose from.  The fun and fruity creations offer lip-smacking style and more.  These watches are designed to make you happy!  By the use of Natural Frequency Technology, which is implanted in each Fruitz Watch, you will become more tranquil each day you wear it.  A specialized, patented chip is installed in the Fruitz Watches, which imitates the Earth’s natural frequency.  The results are better sleep, clearer concentration, and reduced stress.  What’s more, they look amazing!  These watches are styled after freshly sliced fruits.  Fruitz Watches come in an array of flavors, from limes to dragon fruit…and everything in between.  The Blackberry Sorbet is from their Sorbet line.  It is as irresistible and as tasty as it can be.  The black dial is adorned with a laser cut texture and tiny seedling hour markers.  The arms of the hour and minute indicators are styled after leaves, and the triple wave Natural Frequency Technology logo is displayed at the 12 o’clock setting.  This Fruitz Watch is paired with a polished steel bracelet, and retails for $260.00.  Who knew that happiness could be so affordable!

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  1. I need a watch band replacement for my Fruitz watch. The color is purple but I will take any color you can find me.

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