Devon Steampunk Tread 1 Watch

A few years ago, Scott Devon introduced the Tread 1 watch, which impressed people with its tread-based system to tell time and notable features. Now, Devon is presenting a new watch this 2012 called the Devon Steampunk Tread 1. As the name suggests, the watch incorporates the steampunk idea to create a timepiece with a futuristic and special look. This California based brand is definitely presenting an unconventional method of time telling with this luxury watch.

This timepiece has quite an impressive size and fascinating case. It measures 53.3 millimeters in diameter and 19 millimeter in thickness. While big, the watch is made to sit comfortably and securely on the wrist. This square case is made of steel and has a case back that is DLC coated. The glass crystal is made of polycarbonate for extreme durability and AR coated for extra clarity. At the bottom of the case is a controller that functions as a crown. The Devon Steampunk Tread 1 watch looks and runs like a small machine.

Coming off the case are lug structures that attach the strap to the case. The rubber strap is functional, wide, and comfortable on the wrist with a distinctive buckle. It sits securely and firmly on the wrist. Inside the watch is a complex set of belts, screws, plates, and processors. This Steampunk Tread 1 watch uses tread-based system to tell current time. It operates on a lithium polymer battery that needs to be recharged every two weeks when working regularly. The charger comes with the watch upon purchase. The battery life indicator is the second belt and moves in two seconds step when battery life is running low. There is also an OFF/ON button that can be quite useful when trying to conserve battery life or when the watch is not in use.

This Devon Steampunk Tread 1 is a unique watch in both its aesthetic and function. You will not only be able to see this watch but hear it as well. The small one-step motors have treads that make a grinding noise as the motors turn the second belts. Watch lovers are sure to find many things to love and appreciate about this watch. It is like no other watch out on the market right now. You can expect to get this cool gadget for $20,000. It is expected to be out at the end of 2012.

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