We added Citizen to the family!

Luxury watches are often so refined that it’s hard to imagine them being worn in everyday life. Citizen Watches, however, have made it their mission since their foundation in 1918 to craft watches that would be “Close to the Hearts of People Everywhere.”

Though the timepieces are made to be close to the hearts of the average citizen, the watches themselves take truly extraordinary measures to produce some of the very best timepieces in the world.
This is not to say that the brand is all about big business. Even as Citizen Watches have prospered, they still retain that same connection to their watches as they did back in 1918. Their commitment to bringing the best quality watches to the public hasn’t changed—it’s simply matured.

Citizen watches are recognized internationally as the forerunner of advanced technology in watches, the brand has seen many firsts; the first voice recognition watch, the first professional dive watch with an electronic depth sensor, even the world’s slimmest LCD watches.
Citizen isn’t just concerned with taking initiative with technology, but with eco-friendly pieces as well. The Eco-Drive collection is powered by both natural and artificial light and is available for dress to casual watches—even diving watches!

With such notable ambassadors such as Eli Manning, Paula Creamer, and Kevin Pietersen, it’s no wonder that the brand continues to flourish. But really, how could they resist with watches such as Citizen’s forward- thinking models?

Check out the entire Citizen collection here!

One thought on “We added Citizen to the family!”

  1. I have a Citizen Echo-Drive, WR200, #E168-S080118, Japan watch. As with the last Citizen watch that I had, I have an issue with the folding clasp watch band. I have broken the transition piece that attaches the Black Stainless Steel Band to the watch. The transition piece at the band connection it is 13mm wide and at the watch connection it is 19mm wide. It is about 8mm from watch to band and is curved to fit the watch curve. The only identification I can find for the band is stamped on the small piece of the clasp: Citizen, Stainless Steel, Band China.
    Now I have replaced the band with a black rubber band #59-S52502 / 59-S52814 and it is definitely not the same fit or breath as well. I like the reduced weight of the watch, but would rather fix my old band. I don’t care what color it is or what it is made out of, I’ll deal with that as long as I can put the original band back on the watch.
    Could you please forward this request to Japan & China seeing their manes on the watch.
    Maybe they might have the parts I need to fix the watch band.
    David Sovik

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