US Open Limited Edition Tennis Watch Sets Citizen to Good Advantage

The Olympics may be over, but tennis fans still have something to cheer about as the US Open begins in New York—particularly with the advent of the Citizen US Open Limited Edition Eco-Drive Tennis Watch. After 20 years as the official timekeeper for the US Open, Citizen Watches is releasing a special edition timepiece to commemorate the occasion.

The timepiece certainly wouldn’t look out of place on a tennis court: available in white and blue with a stainless steel watch case, this timepiece will fit right in with the dress code. The Cross-hatch pattern on the bezel adds extra dimension to the piece and mimics the hatching on a tennis racket, while the bubbled numbers add a fun element to the piece. The US Open logo is displayed openly right on the face of the watch.
Powered by the Citizen Eco-drive movement is the perfect choice for timepieces that are sure to see a lot of sun. The Eco-Drive movement uses 7878 movement and is powered by a solar panel under the dial, making this watch not just a great piece to wear, but energy efficient, too! You won’t have to worry about getting a lot of sun for the Eco-Drive to work; the watch is able to run for 180 days without charging in the sun.
It’s no mistake that the powerful movement was used for this piece: Jeffrey Cohen, the President of Citizen Watches claims that the company “admires the unstoppable power and dedication and of the athletes who compete at the US Open.” The Eco-Drive is one of the few mechanical devices in the market that can match up to the players!

Citizen doesn’t stop its fantastic work with stellar design; it will also donate a portion of its profits to USTA Serves, a nonprofit program that enhances the lives of children through tennis and education.
The Citizen US Open Limited Edition Eco-Drive Tennis Watch is a fun, smart watch for the US Open. With a nice blend of color and comfortable fit, the watch is the perfect choice for fans of the Open and of well-made watches. Even better, Citizen thinks beyond the tennis court, beyond its stores and salesrooms.
Whether finding energy efficient solutions for their timepieces or giving back to the lives of at-risk children, Citizen Watches has created timepieces that are not only worthwhile to wear, but worthwhile to support as well.

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