Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch

Citizen has made what could be the ultimate accessory for mobile phone addicts and tech addicts alike with the Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch. Citizen might have very well accomplished what seems like the impossible by creating a sporty Bluetooth watch that’s not a complete eyesore. The majority of the Bluetooth watches already available on the market can be awkward, bulky, loud and not very attractive. Their only redeeming quality is that they are able to give you notifications without anyone having to constantly hear your Taylor Swift ringtone that drives all of your co-workers absolutely batty.

The Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch solves this problem as it comes in a sleek and sporty design and also discreetly alerts you whenever you get an email, text, miss a call, etc. Those two aspects of the watch are the biggest selling points-subtle notifications paired with a modern design. Honestly, what is the point of having a Bluetooth watch if your watch is as loud and massive as your phone?

It all sounds good so far, but unfortunately for Android users like myself the Proximity Bluetooth Watch only syncs with iPhones version 4S as well as newer versions in the future. We can still appreciate the watch from afar I suppose as it appears that Citizen has accomplished quite the feat. This analog watch bears a sub dial that is marked with the different types of notifications that your smartphone normally informs you of such as an appointment or message. The watch unobtrusively alerts you by directing one of the hands to the notification. You can also sync the time on your iPhone to the watch and there is a feature that will sound off if you cannot find the handset.

The scuttlebutt surrounding the release of the Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch is that it will be released this coming fall and will be sold at or around the $500 range. The price might sound like it is on the higher side for what you are getting but keep in mind that it is an Eco-drive which is Citizen’s light powered series of watches. Eco-drives made waves for being a light powered watch without obvious solar cells. Citizen might be the master of creating timepieces that conceal some of the bothersome features of other watches.

All in all, the Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch is smart and smart-looking with impressive physiognomies to boot. Citizen is making keeping up with our busy life easier and much less obvious than our constant companion the smart phone.

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