Citizen Eco-Drive : The Nova Concept Watch

This unique watch is the result of years of research by CITIZEN. This Japanese brand has become known for producing watches with Eco-Drive movement that are solar powered for many years. The watch takes in light and releases its own sparkle, creating a very interesting visual experience for the wearer. It converts light to energy to not only power the watch but to also emit the light on its own. The Citizen Eco-Drive Nova Concept watch comes in black and white version. This Nova watch operates by quartz movement that runs on batteries that does not need to be replaced. The rechargeable battery inside the Eco-Drive movement can last up to 30 years or longer. As light enters through the dial, it recharges the battery, which consumes low energy.

The dial of the watch, as hinted on above, is a beautiful array of light and animated display. It is made up of small hexagon shapes that form a patchwork and light reflects off them. The light comes from behind, starts from what seems like a single point and moves around the entire face. The light movement created is quite interesting and grabs ones attention. The dial is incased in a large black or white case that has a large domed sapphire crystal over the face and has an intergrated strap on its sides. The watch also has a large crown on its size.

When it comes to functionality, the watch does tell the time of course. The lights come up to display the time using two “painted” analog hands. Given the nature of the creation, the Eco-Drive Nova watch doesn’t even center them in the middle of the dial. The playful concept creation is a fun toy first, and a watch second. Citizen likely uses a special display combined with a type of fiber optic light source to create the impressive effect. One of the structures the light movement creates on the dial face is two analog hands. The hands are not centered but positioned on the lower left side.

The watch is not available commercially yet but it is expected to be available in limited edition at some point in the near future. This timepiece is a perfect example of the fusion of technology and design. As the president of CITIZEN points out during Baselworld 2012 press release, this Nova watch demonstrates the ongoing innovative work and evolution of the brand’s watchmaking.

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